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Dear Guest,

Welcome. How are you? Please sit, we’ll get you something to drink.

You may have already noticed that this is a hotel like no other. Fear not, you will have what you need - but it may not always be what you thought you needed. This is certainly a place for the brave, those who dip their toe in the water before asking if its cold, if you know what I mean. Things here will adapt to you. Or you will adapt to them. We coexist in a rather harmonious chaos - you’ll like it.

Your room is ready. Please follow me.

The Late Checkout collections are not really collections at all. They are characters, united only by the liminal space they occupy - The Hotel. In fact the moment you step into our website you automatically become a guest at The Hotel. You will be addressed only by The Manager, who will make sure you are attended to in his own special way. As you will come to see, it is an extravagant place. Simultaneously classy and tacky, living somewhere between glamour and decadence.

With every character you can expect to be introduced to a new style, and invited into a different and always surprising side of Late Checkout. The first two characters, The Bellboy I and II, told a story of empty hours and mindless tasks - like they were the relics of a once famous establishment. But, enter The Rockstar. The sartorial details, the larger than life patterns and the pure extravagance of this character has really opened the range of Late Checkout.

The vision for Late Checkout is from two lifelong pals. Pucho “El Madrileno” himself and Alex, his stylist and now creative director of the brand. They’ve been to a fair share of hotels in their journeys. They have basked in the sun of the Hollywood Hills and lounged in the forgotten palaces of La Habana. They have overlooked the city that saw them grow from its tallest suite and toasted champagne to their health.

However, while staying in the globe’s most lavish hotels they felt discriminated, always too late for the breakfast buffet, always rudely waken by maids desperate to get them to check out. So in April of 2021 they launched their response: a world of suspended morality, a world where they are free. When they say Issa Lifestyle - they mean it.